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Young Adults Ministry at Community Christian Church

Around and about 20's and 30's

Young Adult ministry at Community Christian Church is especially for those who are post-high school through 30-somethings. We seek to provide an ongoing balance of opportunities for fellowship, study, and service.


On the first Sunday of each month, Community prepares and serves a meal to hungry neighbors as a part of Artists Helping the Homeless. We meet in the church kitchen at 4:00 PM, and serve the meal in Mill Creek Park, just across the street from the church. This service opportunity is open to all ages but was initiated by and is led by young adults. In addition to showing up to prepare and serve the meal, people can also serve by shopping for meal items in advance or by baking a (non-crunchy) dessert.

We've also reached out to the community by caroling at a nursing home and baking goodies for Kansas City Hospice House.


Through study, we seek to explore faith, deepen understanding, ask questions, and connect spirituality to our daily lives. Some studies have included "Living the Questions" DVD series, "NOOMA" DVD series, and a book study about spiritual discernment. We are currently doing Bible study every two weeks, on Monday evenings.

Fellowship & Fun

Activities include meal gatherings, ice skating, and a Wii tournament, just to name a few. Those who participate help to shape what we do in all areas. Hope you'll join the adventure!

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