Mixed media by
Ann Trask, Collage artist
B.F.A., M.ED., M.F.A. Fulbright Scholar in design in Hamburg, Germany traskann@gmail.com

Art is like writing or music or dance • a visual method of expressing feelings and making statements. Art is an enrichment and a nutrient for our souls. My work is based on my experiences and questions, my responses to the world around us and my indomitable faith in God. I believe the viewers complete the artwork as they respond to it, adding their own life experiences. Whether we are viewing or creating, art brings joy to our lives and enables us to see things from diverse points of view.

The process of transforming the ordinary has always fascinated me, hence the collages and mixed media. Discarded materials take on a new life and speak in a new context. I combine traditional art materials with readily available materials that help to express my ideas and speak of the past, present, and future.

I am thankful for my education of many years which began at Syracuse University and concluded with a Masters in Fine Arts at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, TX. During this wonderful journey, I married Dick with whom we raised Karen and Bruce and settled in LaPorte, TX where I taught in Jr High for 11 years, with a goal of “trying it out” for 10 years. I moved on to the adjunct positions at San Jacinto Jr College and University of Houston/Clear Lake, then to the University of Houston/Downtown. There I taught studio and art lecture courses
and became the director of O’Kane Gallery, positions I enjoyed until retirement in 2000.

Dick and I have traveled extensively and enjoyed experiencing foreign countries as well as travel in the US, especially the mountains in the West. Colorado has been our summer home and place of respite and rejuvenation for many years. We established a second home in Independence, where Dick passed away in 2016. Now this is my home and I enjoy the many opportunities for my life and work here.

I have exhibited locally and nationally, won awards and been active in non-profit arts organizations in Texas and volunteering my “what-iF approach to teaching in charity organizations and privately.

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