Notes from the Piano Bench. . .

musicnoteIn Jazz is it a high compliment when an artist is said to have a “sound.” One note of Louis Armstrong’s singing, and you know it’s him and his sound. Miles Davis and many other artists have also created unique sounds.

I think that it is what we are creating at our 8:30 am chapel service each Sunday at Community Christian Church! A unique “sound” that is manifesting our mission to Worship Joyfully, soulfully, powerfully!

Folks walk into the chapel with the amazing view of the Country Club Plaza in the background, and they are immediately greeted by friends new and old, and a spirit of camaraderie envelopes the room.

As I sit at the piano bench and play a variety of music, I try to feel the mood of the morning and attempt to embellish it with uplifting notes, hymns, and other melodies as the energy of the service ebbs and flows.

Perhaps one of the most exciting areas of mutual musical growth between the pastor, the people, and the pianist is our singing of the hymns and refrains.

Whether we are playing traditional hymns or learning new ones, we play and sing with a elasticity and flexibility that makes the music and the words our own. A truly distinctive “sound.”

A sound that celebrates hope, depth, and heartfelt Spirit.

All this is so exciting to me, and I thank you for allowing me the blessing of being your pianist during this dynamic, evolving time.

With special gratitude to Rev. Shanna for her weekly invitation for us all to grow and praise God in song, word, and deed.

Our cup overflows!!

See you Sunday,
— Tim Whitmer

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