Community Encounters Lent


Lent in my earlier years was a time to prepare Easter dresses for our three little girls. Patterns and fabric to select, shoes hats, and white gloves. But, time and years pass and those sewing days, too.
The period of Lent now offers me an ideal time to pause and reflect. Many times a Lenten booklet was given to church members for a guide of scriptures and thoughts from individuals regarding their take on the verses.
When I decided to engage in the group dialogue and reading of Wondrous Encounters by Richard Rohr, I expected much the same format, and in many ways it is. The real challenge for me has been the varied directions each of the daily scriptures have taken me. As I read, then reread, thought and contemplated Rohr’s interpretations I have found myself looking at familiar parables with new eyes. As I listen to others of our Wednesday evening group share their insights, it has given me a new appreciation of each person’s own faith journey.
As we move toward Holy Week my prayer for us is that each will find your own Wondrous Encounters with yourself and Jesus.

— Louanne Cary, Elder & member for 69 years

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